Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello to all on this snowy morning in Ohio.  It must have snowed bunches last night, because the snow seems really deep this morning.  We were up and out in it, early.  My son had basketball practice.  Last night was late, because my older son was flying home from his Navy duty.  They kept finding things wrong with the plane that he was suppose to be on.  They finally cancelled the flight and he took a later one.  Originally, he was to arrive at 5:07.  It was after 11:00 when he landed.  Of course we needed to catch up, so it was 1:30 or so before we all went to bed.

The weekend is here and I am thankful.  I always find I have huge expectations to get multiple items checked off of my to do list.  There are the household chores, laundry, cooking, school work, errands, children needs, etc.  Well the three biggies for me this weekend are:

                                             ***finish my WIP for the 12 X 12 challenge
                                             ***finish my entry for the Highlights Fiction Contest
                                             ***finish the historical fiction book The Widow of the South

I already have a lot of the work completed on these projects and I am looking forward to working.  I don't know that working is the right word.  It doesn't feel like working, because I really enjoy reading and writing.  A snowy day is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and write some words down on paper.  All of these projects are due on January 31st.  I have a few days next week too, but I know once the work week begins, I will not have time to work on MY writing and reading.  So, it is this weekend or bust!

Enjoy your weekend!


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