Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some Like It Hot!    I am trying to post a pic, but having no luck!!!!

Not me!  It is suppose to reach 100 degrees, actual temperature today!  I do not like it this hot.  The definition of my air conditioning consists of open windows and fans.  My perfect temperature is 75 degrees, no humidity.  The only time I like it warmer is when I go swimming or to the beach, which is rare these days. Oh well, what to do.  The good thing is that it gives me a good excuse to just sit and read, read blogs, write a blog post, work on my writing, and work on school plans.  Do I really need an excuse?  They are all valid and important activities.  I can do all of these activities sitting with a fan in front of me.

I have been itching to get into school.  Today is the day.  I have a bunch of stuff in a pile that I want to take to school and get it out of my house (de-clutter).  I want to open up my library and begin searching for mentor texts that I know I own.  I also want to make copies of some lesson ideas from some scholastic teacher books.  I'm not planning to work very long, but you all know how that goes.  It will also depend on the heat.  We do have air conditioning, but it will probably be turned way down.

The good news is that we are going to have a cold front coming through tonight!  Awesome!  We will have about 4-5 pleasant days.  I plan to tackle the de-clutter and summer cleaning that I had listed on my bucket list.  My younger son is going to help me.  I have listed 70 items that need to be done.  Everything from the basic dust and vacuum to washing windows and hanging new curtains.  I am going to pay my son for his help.  I wanted to pay him minimum wage per hour, but he wanted a dollar amount for each room or space.  So, I had him go through the list and he assigned the dollar amount.  Some areas I felt he was overcharging, but other areas were undercharged, so all in all I think his price was fair.  It is also well worth it. We plan to work 4-6 hours each day.  I think we can get it done and it goes so much faster with two people.

Tomorrow is suppose to be cooler and we could start cleaning, but I am going to get some basics done like grocery shopping and meal prep.  I also want to go to Target.  I read that their school items will be in the dollar spot beginning tomorrow.  If I find some goodies, I will take pictures and attempt to upload them onto my blog.  I also have some Kohls cash and coupon.  I have been eyeing their summer dresses.  Oh, and I need a new mouse for my computer.  It is not working well at all!

Only 23 days until Summer School begins.  I want to do a theme and can't decide.  More on that dilemma later!

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