Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bucket List


I know I'm late with my bucket list.  I enjoyed reading every one's list in May.  I just started blogging, so I thought, better late than never.  I tried to get some pics, but.....  here it goes.

                                                                      Home and Personal

  1. Spring clean - whoops, I mean summer clean and de-clutter.
  2. Yard work - I am going to try to recruit my boys to help!
  3. Trim my grape vines and make grape jelly.
  4. Start a raised garden.
  5. Finish my son's bedroom that I started in March - paint, floors, curtains, new rug, ceiling fan, and decorations. I finished the curtains and the paint will be finished this week - yeah!
  6. Make a downstairs bedroom into a scrapbook/craft room.
  7. Make an office/writing nook in my dining room.
  8. Read, read, and read some more!
  9. Write everyday.
  10. Continue my Zumba class and add another class on Saturday morning.  Walk.
  11. Cook healthy recipes and stock the refrigerator and freezer before school starts.    
  12. And, last but not least, spend time with my family!                                                                       


  1. Shop garage sales for items I can use at school.
  2. Read Professional Books and Children's Literature.
  3. Learn everything I can about blogging.
  4. Blog and explore blogs as much as possible.
  5. Learn everything I can about Teachers Pay Teachers.
  6. Plan Unit for August and September - Theme Dragons.
  7. Create games and activities for Summer School.
  8. Create an activity and/or game for review of the first week of Fundations.
  9. Create items for Tpt.

    Wow, that's a list!  Wish me luck.


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