Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and That

I have been following the directions and am  trying, trying, trying to get a background for my blog, but am having zero success.  I think I am going to ask my children to help me.  I have a feeling they will be able to do it very quickly.  I have been going to some garage sales lately.  I know a lot of you are doing the same.  I found two bingo games for homonyms and parts of speech.  Homonyms seem to be a big part of the Common Core for third grade.  I also found a book that ties in Children's literature with social studies themes.  I am planning to use many, many, many mentor texts with my lessons.  I am currently gathering information and sources.  I hope to post these mentor texts with my lesson ideas in a future post(s).

It is amazing how fast this summer is going by.  I am almost panicking, because there is so much I want to accomplish for school in the fall, for my family, and for my home!

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