Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Writing Everyday!


Good Morning!

One of the items on my bucket list was to write everyday.  The Teachers Write Summer Camp is making that very easy.  It is a free online workshop for anyone interested in writing.  I feel that if I am going to teach writing, I need to be writing too.  Just like reading.  I am a reader and I teach reading.  Teaching writing is more than giving the children a topic to write on and say go!  There is a process and we all have to go through it.  It's time consuming, difficult, and sometimes painful  If completed right, there will be an awesome sense of accomplishment.  As an added bonus, I am gathering many new ideas to inspire my students.  You can find this camp at http://www.katemessner.com.  We are on week four, but you can just jump in or you can back track too.  Have fun!

With Anticipation,


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